Development of fluorine chemical industry the advantages of fine

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  At present, the development of fluorine chemical industry still lags behind most of the domestic chemical industry fluoride concentration in the industrial chain, industrial structure is obviously unreasonable, and based on fluorine chemical production capacity is expanding rapidly, making the fluorine chemical products in China market low-end products excess capacity and high value-added products, the serious shortage. Therefore, the urgent need of fluorine chemical industry out of this situation, the direction towards the fine.
  Investment Advisor in the chemical industry researcher Yi-Chi Chang believes that the current development situation from the point of view, fluorine chemical industry of the development towards the refinement of certain advantages. Mainly in the following aspects, namely raw materials, human resources and other aspects, the second is the impact of domestic policies, the three downstream demand.
  Yi-Chi Chang pointed out that the fluorine chemical industry is based on the fluorite resources, but our resources are very rich in fluorite, making the country the development of fluorine chemical industry has certain advantages in resources. According to the Investment Adviser's "fluorinated industrial investment in China in 2010-2015 Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that the main focus of fluorite in Zhejiang, Hunan and Inner Mongolia, to maintain reserves of 2.6 million tons, of the total world reserves of 2 / 3. And China's large population, abundant human resources, therefore, cheap labor, but also makes the development of fluorine chemical industry has some labor cost advantage.
  At the national policy, Yi-Chi Chang pointed out that the fluorine chemical industry is a key state to encourage the development of high-tech industries, the current state of development for the fluorine chemical industry has introduced a series of supportive policies and measures, the relevant departments are also being developed fluoride access conditions on the chemical industry fluorine chemical industry to be regulated. Yi-Chi Chang believes that these policies are for the fluorine chemical industry in China provides a good environment for development.
  And, this year the State Council issued Document No. 1, "the State Council on the adoption of comprehensive measures on fire clay fluorite exploration and production control," which made from the mining, production and program management, taxation, environmental protection, industrial access, export management and adopt comprehensive measures, and the total amount of fluorite ores control. Chang Yi-Chi that the control of the fluorite extraction of raw materials, will reduce the source of fluorine chemical products, raw materials, making the existing fluorine chemical industry, extensive development was inhibited, forcing domestic fluorine chemical enterprises to upgrade industrial technology, and take the fine development.
  In addition, the downstream demand, at present, the downstream industries such as fluorine-containing fluorine electronic chemicals (liquid crystal material), fluorinated pharmaceuticals, fluorine-containing pesticides and other products in great demand. To fluoride and electronic products (liquid crystal material) as example, the highest value-added liquid crystal material is one of the products are widely used in satellite technology, military and other areas of the high-end display equipment and notebook computers, digital cameras, at present, high performance of liquid crystal displays are fluorinated. Estimated according to the International Liquid Crystal Society, 2010, the global market price of liquid crystal material value 80 billion U.S. dollars. To account for 4% of fluorine-containing materials, market share, in 2010, the market value of fluoride materials up to 32 billion U.S. dollars. Chang Yi-Chi that the development of downstream industries such as fluorine chemical industry of fine development of a broader market space.