Success of large projects together, "the pace of development of Yantai Chemical Industrial Park"

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  Recently, the total investment of 13.2 billion, annual sales income will exceed 500 billion Wanhua MDI integration projects approved through the National Development and Reform Commission. Start building this project, marking the construction of Yantai Chemical Industrial Park, was officially launched, the scale effect and the cumulative effect of the superposition of Yantai is expected to create another one hundred billion yuan-class industry cluster.
  This year, Yantai seize the opportunity of expanding domestic demand, a number of years wanted to do but not able to quickly launch into a big project, and played an important role to maintain growth, but also for long-term development of Yantai lay a solid foundation. According to statistics, only 148 this year focus on the city's total investment amounted to 346.7 billion yuan, is expected to be completed during the year invested 53 billion yuan, accounting for 22% of investment in fixed assets.
  Yantai Economic and large projects together to maintain a strong momentum. January to October this year, Yantai 196.7 billion yuan in fixed asset investment, an increase of 25%. Whole year is expected to be completed GDP3726 billion, up 12.6% over last year.