AMD-230 amino terminated polyether

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      Amino terminated polyether (also called polyether amine or polyether polyamine) is a kind of polyepoxy alkane compounds terminated by primary amidogen or secondary amidogen; and the molecular framework is polyether and the reactive group is terminal amidogen. According to the molecular weight and the quantity of functional groups, the amino terminated polyether can have various trademarks.
      The specific molecular structure of the amino terminated polyether decides its proper nature and special application.
      The amino terminated polyether is a key raw material for a spray polyurea elastomer. The polyurea elastomer, which is prepared from the amino terminated polyether and an isocyanate component through high-speed mixing and spraying of special equipment, has excellent physical and chemical performance, such as excellent tensile strength, elongation, wearing resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, tearing resistance, etc.; as the terminal amidogen and the isocyanate group can rapidly react and solidify without solvent, the spray polyurea has excellent construction performance, environmental protection and wide application. The amino terminated polyether can be widely used for basic protection of important concrete, steel structure and other materials, such as wearproof liners of pick-ups, anticorrosive coating layers of sea-crossing bridges, high-grade terraces of aseptic workshops and hospitals, protective decoration of surface wall of high-grade swimming pools, inner protection of petroleum pipelines in land and seabed, decks of boats, wearproof coating layers of airscrews, temporary parking aprons, anti-seepage and anticorrosion of wastewater treatment pools, anti-seepage and anticorrosion of municipal refuse disposal area, and sport venues and raceways. At present, amino terminated polyether is widely applied to water-proof and protective coatings of high-speed railways and bridges.
      The amino terminated polyether is also a novel curing agent of epoxy resin. The resin cured by the amino terminated polyether has excellent toughness, impact resistance and low temperature resistance. As the amino terminated polyether has low thermopositive peak in solidification, a large-scale epoxy resin member can be poured. Moreover, the product has low chroma to make the cured casting body crystal and transparent. Therefore, the amino terminated polyether is widely applied to epoxy composite materials, epoxy paint, epoxy electrophoretic paint, agglomerant, circuit boards, sealant, artwork, etc.
    The amino terminated polyether shows unique performance in the application to wind power generation composite blade materials. Each blade of an MW-level wind power dynamo, with the weight of 5 to 6 tons, has large force from different directions, and needs to bear huge variation of temperature difference from -50℃ to 70℃. Practices show that the proper epoxy resin is matched with specific amino terminated polyether to fully meet the requirement of the blade. Till now, there has had no substitute in the curing agent of the wind power generation composite blade materials.
      The amino terminated polyether, also an additive of engine fuel, has excellent sedimentation resistance.
      The amino terminated polyether is also widely applied to surfactant, water-soluble paint and the like.
      AMD-230 amino terminated polyether is a poly (propylene oxide) compound mainly terminated by primary amidogen. The structural formula is as follows:
      Molecular Weight Wn:230
      Total Amine,meq/g:8.10-9.10
      Primary Amine,%:≥95
      • Epoxy resin curing agent
      • Polyamide hot melt adhesive
      • Rapidly solidifying RIM
      • Low viscosity, low chroma and low steam pressure
      • Dissolving with various solvents including water
      • The epoxy paint, agglomerant and casting, which are prepared from AMD-230 amino terminated polyether, have transparence, toughness and impact resistance.

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