Announcement of Inviting Trade Agents

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  Yantai Kaisheng Environmental Technology Co. , Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of polyetheramine series products. The polyetheramine series products are now in production: D-2000, T-403, D-400, T-5000, D-1000, etc. Polyetheramine is an epoxy resin curing agent. It is also used in spraying polyurea, lubricant additives and other fields. It is widely used in electronics, coatings, composite materials, adhesives, craft accessories, water treatment and many other industries. It is a high-end product. After testing and actual use by users, it is comparable to foreign products. It has been tested and approved by users in South Korea and the United States. It is no different from American and German products and is of high quality. Due to business development, we sincerely invite sales agents. Welcome to inquire or visit on site, if you are the one.
  Contact: Li Zuozu
  Tel: 13864528609
  Yantai Kaisheng Environmental Technology Co. , Ltd.